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Sound Surfer Synthesizer (VST + AU)

SyndtSphere is basically a sphere version of our polyphonic synthesizer Syndt. With a minimalistic approach, it features a unique experience of ”surfing” between presets. All parameters are morphed according to the proximity of the different presets. By rotating a sphere that consists of more than 70 professionally created states, anyone can dial in the perfect sound without having to deal with specific parameters.

In addition to the sphere, a ping-pong delay and a few more global settings are available.

See a demonstration video /

This plug-in comes in two versions:

  • AU (Requires Mac OS X 10.7+)
  • VST (Requires Mac OS X 10.7+ / Windows 7+ with SP1 or higher)

Also check out the iOS version (with AUv3 compability)

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This app is provided for free, with an option to pay for it. If you like our work, and would like to see more of it, please consider paying for it.